Hang drum is a unique musical instrument which is developed by Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner in 2000 and it is introduced in 2001 at Musikmesse Frankfurt. The hang drum is in the diameter of 52cm and it will be having the height of 24cm. The instrument is having two steel hemisphere which is deep drawn and they are hardened by following the process called gas nitriding. The bottom of the hang drum for sale will be having an opening in order to generate the bass note over Helmholtz resonance. The player can create a pitch of talking drum by playing the hang drum in damped manner.

Progression of hang drums

The hang drums for sale become very popular all over the world and many people started to play this musical instrument. Meanwhile much advancement has been made in the instrument. The hang drums can be classified as

  • First generation hang drums
  • Second generation hang drums
  • Internal hang
  • Free Internal hang

First generation hang drums:

These hang drums were available from 2001 to 2005 and there are multiple scales to create different sounds. The people who have developed hang drum have got the inspiration from the ethnomusicological roots such as Ake Bono, Pygmy, Hijaz, and Aeolin. The hand drum was having around eight tone fields in the years 2001 to 2004. The inventors lower the tones in the instrument in 2005 and they referred it as low hang. This progressed instrument had the ability to create the tune F3, E3 or Eb3.

Second generation hang drums:

In 2006, the inventors have presented a new variation of hang drum. They have given an annealed brass coating on the circumference and the nitrided steel of the hang drum. Similarly they have reduced the structure to a type of central note D3. Hence the new models were having the A notes such as A3 and A4. The other notes have been mixed with different configurations. The major advancement made in the second generation hang drum is the tone fields. This advanced hang drum has seven tone fields within the circle.

Internal Hang:

This is introduced in the year 2008 and the internal hang has many changes. This instrument has only one scale along with seven tone fields. No other hang drum models are having this feature. The hole which is present in the hang drum has been modified to an oval shape and this is mainly intended to improve the tunings.

Free Internal Hang:

Since 2010, free internal hang is available in the market and it has few changes in its construction. This model will not have the brass ring as the other models have. Similarly, this new model is having a double offset. The free internal hang drum is capable of creating tunes without any tuning devices.

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